AMG Certified Services
We provide highly-skilled professionals whose education, skills, and experience are utilized to match your unique company requirements and work environment.
ABOUT AMG Certified Services
AMG Certified Services specializes in computer repair, network setup, and support for area businesses and individuals.

We strive to tailor unique solutions based on your company’s specific requirements and budget. Our services include computer repair, remote assistance, network setup, network support and much more. Please browse our pricing plans for more information.
Protect Your Digital Data
Maintain security and confidentiality.
Increase Productivity
Maximize collaboration and mobility.
Improve Reliability
Implement a redundant and
robust network infrastructure.
Technology Consulting
Deciding on the right technology solution for home or business can be overwhelming. Our experts conduct a rapid and accurate assessment to identify options for lowering expenses, optimizing computer systems, and streamlining business processes.
Office Relocation
Managing the hardware relocation process takes time and planning. We help customers pack and ship all computer equipment/peripherals to the new office. Our technicians can work with you to coordinate a smooth, timely, and affordable transition.
Managed IT Services
We provide expert staff that can act as your internal IT department, we can provide routine maintenance for your existing infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of hiring. Contact us today for free consultation & network review – Let us show you how to make your business more profitable!
Server Installation
We can help you select the right server to help your businesses increase data availability and to keep operations running smoothly. We know technology investments directly impact the bottom line.
Computer Repair
Why go through the hassle of unplugging all the wires, packing, and taking the computer to a repair shop, we make it easy for you and repair it in-place, in some extreme case we can pick the computer at your convenience and provide you we a temporary unit while we fix the issue.
Computer & Network Security
No matter how large or small your network is, network security should be your number one concern. Our Techs can determine which products work with your network and computers. Our certified technicians are well versed in security issues and solutions.
Data Backup and Recovery
Virus and Spyware Removal
System Maintenance
Software and Hardware Upgrades
Cable management
Operating System Installation
Computer Cleaning
Structured Cabling
Data Migration
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